Bring the Games Out to Your Porch This Summer for Real Fun in the Sun

When entertaining at your home during the summer months, everyone seems to be drawn to the porch. And sometimes nothing goes better with a porch side cocktail or tall glass of sweet tea than some good old fashioned competition, especially for the kids.

To make your next gathering more enjoyable, we want to share some fun games to play in your porch:

  • “There once was a skunk…”: One person in your party begins a story by saying, “There once was a skunk who…,” finishing the sentence however they wish. The person then points to someone else in the group who continues the story with a new sentence starting with, “Fortunately…” That person points to the next who adds to the story starting with “Unfortunately…” The game continues as long as you can, rotating between sentences starting with “fortunately” and “unfortunately.” It’s a fun challenge to make each person start at the beginning!
  • Telephone: This game is fun for kids and adults alike to play, and it can be particularly interesting for adults when cocktails are involved. One person starts by whispering a brief message into the next person’s ear, and the message is passed person to person until the final recipient says the message aloud. If you’re playing with a large group, you can imagine there are some pretty hilarious errors made!
  • Two Truths and a Lie: Everyone sitting on the porch says 3 things about themselves with 2 of them being truths and 1 being a lie. The other players have to guess which one is the lie. This can be a great ice breaker!

Often, the best summer days for playing games on your screen porch are the rainy ones. And the best way to keep the rain from coming into the porch and ruining your game is to add screen porch shades. To learn more about protecting your screen porch and its furnishings, contact us at Weather Queen Shades.

Try One of Weather Queen’s Favorite Snacks on Your Screened Porch This Summer

July is the perfect time of year to enjoy a relaxing, sunny afternoon on your porch, so kick your feet up and dive into a healthy (or most likely indulgent) snack. We all have our favorite treats to enjoy on a lazy day, but why not step out of the box and try something different?

Here are a few of our favorite summer foods to enjoy on your screened porch:

  • Corn on the Cob with Chive Butter. Spice up your everyday corn on the cob recipe by blending some fresh chive with melted butter, and apply it to the corn.
  • Turkey mushroom burgers. Ground turkey is a healthy alternative to the traditional beef burger, and since turkey is much dryer than beef, the introduction of mushrooms to these burgers makes this recipe both moist and flavorful.
  • Confetti ice cream pops. This dessert is ideal for any party, and your guests, or your kids, will love finding the miniature candy bar that sits hidden in the middle of this pop!
  • Strawberry ice cream cupcakes. Can’t decide if you should have ice cream or a cupcake? Well, this dessert is the perfect solution for the best of both worlds.

My personal favorite is Cowboy Caviar with blue or yellow corn chips. YUM! Leave us your favorites in the comment section below.

We know that nothing goes better with relaxing on your porch than enjoying great food. However, depending on how the sun hits your porch, you may want to add some shade to keep your garden pasta or potato salad fresh. Contact Weather Queen Shades and let us help you keep the sun, rain and wind out of your screen porch.

Add Flair to Your Outdoor Living Space

porch_rocking_chairsYour home should be a reflection of your personality, and this is true for your outdoor living space as well. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to jazz up your porch’s decor. Here are some creative, economical ways to spruce up your porch:

  • Plant your herbs, veggies and flowers in a diverse group of containers that vary in color and height. Not only will this help to create a focal point on your porch, but the unique containers will also serve a purpose and sense of function to the space as well.
  • Dress up your railing. For example, if you prefer a more contemporary look, consider adding glass panels to your railing. Not only will this help to protect your outdoor space, but it also offers a punch of style as well. Get creative!
  • Add porch shades to help block the hot sun. Weather Queen Shades offers porch shades that are installed on the exterior of your porch screens that will not only help to improve the ambiance of your outdoor living space, but can also serve as a shield to some of Mother Nature’s harsh elements.
  • Utilize an indoor/outdoor rug. There are a number of stylish all-weather options on the market today, and this can help to blend your home’s interior and exterior entertaining spaces.

For more ways to add some flair to your outdoor living space, please contact us at Weather Queen Shades. In addition to being a stylish option for your outdoor space, our screen porch shades can help to protect your outdoor space from the sun, pollen, dirt, rain, snow, and anything else that could keep you from enjoying your screened-in porch.

Just Why Is Everyone Looking to Screen in Their Porch?

Exterior Shades stack out of the way for full air flowIf you flip through Architectural Digest, Southern Living, or any other design magazine that frequently celebrates the outdoor lifestyle, you will see that screening-in your porch is the stylish (and practical) trend. Here are a few reasons why adding a screened-in porch is so appealing to homeowners:

  • It allows you to expand your living/entertaining space without the expense of laying a foundation or adding insulation. Generally, adding a screened-in porch to your home is much more affordable and less time consuming to construct than an interior, 3- or 4-season room.
  • By adding screens to your porch, you don’t have to live in fear that the opossum living under your deck will be there waiting for you one evening or that you will eaten alive by mosquitoes. In the event that your porch is atop an elevated deck, consider screening beneath the floorboards as well to help prevent a mosquito invasion.
  • Adding screens to your porch can allow you to enjoy the space year-round. A screened-in porch is one of the best places to spend a rainy day; however, if your outdoor space is often affected by driving rain, screened-in porch shades are an ideal solution for you. They are installed on the exterior of your screens to help protect your furnishings and keep you comfortable as well. That’s where we come in!

To learn more about screened porch shades and how they can benefit your outdoor space, please contact us at Weather Queen Shades.

5 Types of Furniture That Will Make Outdoor Living Irresistible

Outdoor living has never been so stylish with many different options available for materials, colors, patterns, etc. While there seems to be something for everyone in terms of outdoor decor, we want to take a moment to highlight 5 types of porch furniture:

Aluminum furniture: People love this material because it’s extremely low-maintenance, just like they hope their lifestyle will be when spending time on their porch! As a tip, look for aluminum furniture with rustproof hardware, a UV coating and seamless welds.

Wicker furniture: For a contemporary style, there is a variety of tightly woven wicker furniture with sleek, clean lines. All-weather wicker, a synthetic material, has the ability to weather the harshest conditions and is designed to stand up to the sun as well. If you’re going for a vintage, casual look, you can find a comfortable, worn wicker rocker at a local antique dealer or estate sale.

Cushioned furniture: Cushions are essential for creating a comfortable outdoor space that is conducive to hours of lounging. Although pricey, the ideal choice is solution-dyed acrylic fabric, which is resistant to UV rays, moisture and mildew.

Teak furniture: Not only is this a very elegant material, but people love teak, as it offers a natural element to the outdoor living lifestyle. It’s heavy, so it won’t blow around during a windstorm, and it won’t be excruciatingly hot when sitting down on it after being exposed to the sun all day.

Wrought iron furniture: This can create a very timeless look on your outdoor porch, and it’s extremely durable and nearly impossible to break. On the downside, this type of furniture needs to be painted to avoid rusting.

Screen porch shades are ideal for keeping all types of porch furniture comfortable and protected from even the harshest weather conditions. To learn more, contact us at Weather Queen Shades.

Enjoying the Weather? Give Your Porch a New Look This Spring.

Screen porch roman shades are lowered to block the sunAfter a grueling winter season, the warm spring temperatures are making everyone excited to spend time outdoors. This is especially true if you are fortunate enough to have a screened porch, which can become the perfect entertaining space and allow you to essentially expand the square footage of your home!

As you open up your porch this spring, why not give it a fresh new look? Check out these design tips from Home Depot to help give your porch a makeover:

  • Update the flooring with pavers. Since they are a heavier material, using pavers (or other types of hardscaping) for flooring is a great option to consider if your outdoor living space is built on the ground or at a lower grade than a traditional screened porch.
  • Give your furniture cushions an update with vibrant colors and patterns. Geometric art-deco patterns will continue to dominate outdoor fabric patterns in 2014. Consider bright, cheerful colors to complete the look.
  • Give your ceiling’s finish an update. The two most demanded ceiling finishes include bead board and cedar. This detailing can really make an impact in pulling together the overall look of your porch. As another option, you can give your ceiling a fresh coat of light colored paint.
  • Protect your furnishings with screen porch shades. Our roman shades are actually installed on the outside of your screens and can easily be raised and lowered to protect your porch from harsh weather elements and to create a more comfortable environment on your porch. Weather Queen Shades provides homeowners living on the East Coast, Gulf Coast, Midwest and Canada with custom designed shades to best meet the needs of their outdoor living space.

Contact us to learn more about our screen porch shades and how they can be beneficial to your home.

Explore Stylish Flooring Options for Your Screened Porch

Screen Porch tile flooringAs you design the porch of your dreams, there are many elements to consider, from your color scheme to furniture choices. However, many of us neglect to consider some of the more unique outdoor flooring options. Yes, that’s right. You don’t have to stick with the plain old traditional wood boards for your screened porch flooring! From the wide variety of outdoor flooring options available, we want to share a few of the more stylish alternatives to plain wood flooring for your porch:

Concrete: Geometric patterns are all the rage these days, and you can use concrete pavers to create a herringbone pattern that will always be in style.

Herringbone Flooring

Checkered Pattern: Whether you paint your existing wood flooring to create a checkered pattern (a more economical solution) or introduce another flooring material like ceramic tile to do so, you can give your outdoor entertaining space a cool retro feel.

Flagstone: Stone flooring for outdoor spaces has been a popular choice for decades, and the timeless look of the multicolored stones can help create an ambience that takes into account your natural surroundings.


Faux slate tile: While slate tile itself can be very expensive, there is a faux option available that essentially is stained concrete to create the look of slate.

If you are a detail-oriented person that is going to invest the time and energy into selecting the perfect type of outdoor flooring for your screened porch, you also may be considering your options for protecting it, like investing in Weather Queen ShadesContact us to learn more about our shades and how they can help to keep harsh natural elements at bay.