How to Protect Your Porch With Weather Queen!

Exterior Porch Shades protect screen porch furnitureThere is no question that outdoor living space is in demand by homeowners these days, and with higher quality and greater availability of outdoor fabrics, furnishings and decor, it’s no surprise to see people putting in more time and money to update their outdoor living spaces. Let Weather Queen Shades help protect your new investments from pollen and mildew with quality screen porch shades.

Weather Queen has been creating high quality, durable custom designed screen porch shades for homeowners for over a decade to enhance the screen porch living experience. By truly taking the time to listen to what our clients’ needs are, we are able to provide an individually tailored exterior screen porch shades solution.

Your screen porch should be your favorite place in your home to retreat to after a long and tiring day, and certainly the last thing you will want to do is constantly feel the need to clean this space. Having our shades installed on your porch can save you the headache of bringing the cushions indoors when a rain or snow comes, or constantly having to remove pollen during the spring season (which is arguably the most beautiful time of the year to enjoy your screened porch)!

Our shades are made to order. We offer our clients 80 different color choices of Sunbrella® Awning & Marine fabric to choose from, so you can select a fabric that will complement the rest of your home. Our patented WindStop™ Track comes in 6 standard colors and can be color-matched to your home. It is the perfect solution to provide smooth operation and stability during windy conditions!

To learn more about our custom screen porch shades, please contact us at Weather Queen Shades.

Welcome to Our Brand New Blog for Weather Queen Shades

Weather Queen Shades lowered protectWelcome to your virtual home for Weather Queen Shades, your soon-to-be-favorite supplier of exterior screen porch shades. We are based in the Midwest and are here to serve all of our friends on the East Coast, Gulf Coast, and throughout the U.S. and Canada. Consider this blog your one-stop source of information for:

  • Weather Queen Shades product information and maintenance
  • Porch and patio decorating ideas
  • Advice on outdoor furniture
  • Outdoor living tips
  • All the fun you’ll have on your new protected screen porch!

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Screen Porch Decorating 101

Screen porches are such a wonderful space! Not only do they keep out the insects and weather, they can be considered a whole other room in the house. And what do many of us love to do with new rooms? Decorate them!

Decorating a screen porch can be tricky. Questions always come up:

  • “Can I use furniture that is not made for outdoor use?”
  • “What kind of fabrics do I have to use?”
  • “Is there a way that we can close up our porch when we are not using it?”
  • “What should my flooring be?”
  • “What kind of lighting should I use?”

To answer these questions, you first need to figure out how you want to use the space. Do you see yourself reading a book, sitting on a swing, or eating dinner with your family? How about having coffee with a friend, playing games, throwing a fresh air party? Answering all of these questions will help you determine the furniture, lighting and accessories you will need.

Screen Porch chaise lounge furnitureDepending on the size of your porch, you may be able to get away with using indoor furniture and accessories. However, I always recommend using outdoor fabrics on your cushions and pillows so they will hold up in the outdoor elements. There will always be moisture on a screen porch, so if you use fabrics that are made for indoors, they may get moldy and you might have to change them more often. Also, indoor fabrics are not fade proof while most outdoor fabrics are.

Decorate your screen porch right and it will be your favorite room in your home!

Contributor: Jenna Breunig, 302 Designs, North Oaks, Minnesota,

Antique Old HIckory Furniture on a screen porchJenna is an interior designer in the Twin Cities of Minnesota and provides her design services to both residential and commercial clients. She worked on the porch cabin on Whitefish Lake in Gordon, Wisconsin, which is shown in our Product Gallery. With her help, our client was able to create a cabin reminiscent of a 1930′s porch cabin, using a variety of antiques, vintage new furniture, and an eclectic array of fabrics, patterns, and colors.

Building a Community

I love my job. Working with home and cabin owners in Northwestern Wisconsin confirms my belief that entrepreneurship is alive and well. Pete Schobert is a prime example. A multi-talented craftsman, his home reflects his love for beauty and unique expression. Pete is a faux painter, wallpaper hanger and all around wood artist. When visiting his home recently, I was amazed by his beautiful, yet functional, creations.

I went to Pete to put a durable finish on our working shade displays and discovered a gold mine of talent. Now Pete is building us a mock screen porch for our home show display. His attention to the smallest detail in aesthetic design and practical application is sure to make our home show display beautiful and easy to set-up. Pete is one of many artists and builders we want to highlight for our clients.

Our mission at Weather Queen Shades is not only to protect and beautify our clients’ screen porches, but to connect them with other artists, decorators, builders, and suppliers for all their home and screen porch needs. It is exciting to be part of a community of hard working entrepreneurs carving out a livelihood in the areas we love.

Pete Schobert

A love affair with screen porches

Screen Porch FireplaceI do not remember when my love affair with screen porches began. Probably on my Grandpa Gibbs back porch. His porch overlooked the Lily River in Northeastern Wisconsin. As children, we watched with fascination as he tied tiny feathers to small hooks with bright colored string for fly fishing.

Then there was the first screen porch of one my clients. I had made some valances for her living room and she took me down a hall to a screen porch that ran across the back of her home. From that porch you could hear the sound of water flowing from the small creek that curved through her back yard. Two things struck me, how peaceful it was and how empty with only one bed against the wall. She said the children loved to sleep out there, but that it was so hard to keep clean so they did not use it much.

Do you know what it is to have a problem that bothers you, but it seems as if that is just the way things are? Well, I felt that way about screen porches until another client with a screen porch requested new covers for their porch furniture and awnings to match. When the local awning dealer came out, he informed us that the awnings would have to be installed inside the porch as the awnings had to be battened down and the porch was too high off the ground on one side to be easily reached. My client was determined not to have the shades on the interior of the porch and encouraged me to start my quest for the perfect screen porch shade.

Through the faith and support of my clients, I started working on making screen porch shades that were easy to use from the inside of the porch while protecting their porches and screens from the elements. As clients inquired about these new porch shades I was making, I would tell them, “this is a work in progress and I will do my best.” Over the next 10 years, I progressed from shades running on wires, boxed in by cedar framing, to 4” side tracks to 1” side tracks. Each job brought new challenges, but one thing was consistent, my clients loved the porch shades. Their porches went from cast off furniture and constant upkeep to newly decorated outdoor rooms where family and friends gathered.

Now as Weather Queen Shades have finally come of age, I believe screen porches will live up to their promise. Maybe screen porches will even be for sleeping again. Future blogs will showcase Weather Queen Shade dealers and the projects they have completed. We will connect you with designers who will help you with your screen porch décor and protection. We will offer design and upkeep hints. My hope is that screen porch owners will share the pleasures and questions concerning upkeep of their screen porches. As our lives get more hectic and time with our families and friends more precious, may your screen porches become your carefree summer living rooms.