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Historic Homes

As a lover of historic homes this installation was very rewarding. Without Weather Queen ® Shades the elements would damage both the porch and interior furnishings of this wonderful historic cottage.
The motorization makes it even easier to raise or lower shades either individually or collectively. It can also be incorporated into a “smart home” system.



  • Beautiful Restoration Work Done By Professionals
    Beautiful restoration work. Ready for the shades.

Location: Madeline Island, Wisconsin
Sunbrella® Awning and Marine fabric: Preston Stone from the Mayfield Collection
Windstop™ Track finish: Dark Bronze


This was our first installation on one of the Apostle Islands in the western shore of Lake Superior.

Our homeowner had spent his summers restoring his much loved 1906 cottage on Madeline Island purchased in 1973. The interior is amazing with its true feel of walking back into another era. Our Sales Rep/Installer Pete Schobert and wife, of Schobert Painting and decorating, camped on the island to work with a local builder.Pete worked with Steve Leafblad and Sons to bring this magnificent screen porch back to its original beauty. Having Weather Queen Shades installed to protect and complement the historical feel has shown the true heart of what our shades are meant to be. It is a step back in time to handcrafted quality, simplicity, beauty and durability.

Lakeshore Homes

  • Outside View Of A Beautiful Cottage
    Welcome to the Lake

Location: Near Hayward, Wisconsin
Sunbrella® Awning and Marine fabric: Tresco Birch
Track Finish: Dark Bronze
Working with our homeowners builders was such a pleasure. They replaced the screening and built the necessary framing needed to assure the shades reflected the custom quality of their beautifully crafted north woods screen porch. We installed in December of 2014 and it went like clockwork.

Porch Builder: Sjostrom Construction of Hayward, WI

  • A house with brown walls
    A lodge for family and business partners

Location: Near Hayward, WI
Fabric: Sunbrella®Walnut Brown Tweed Awning and Marine Fabric
Track: Flat Black

Porch Builder: Ken LaCoy Construction, Hayward, WI
Testimonial; “We saw Weather Queen Shades installed on a house and knew we had to have them. There is no comparable solution for keeping the weather out while maintaining aesthetic appeal. The quality, style options, functionality and passion of the Weather Queen team exceeded our expectations.”

  • A beautifully appointed lake home

Location: Near Boulder Junction, Wisconsin
Sunbrella® Awning and Marine fabric: 4857 Colonnade Redwood (Mayfield Collection)
Windstop™ Track finish: Custom color matched powder coat

Our home owners designed their up north home to the highest standards, from the sustainable Acacia wood used in the construction to the careful craftsmanship of their home. We were honored to install our Weather Queen Shades on their cozy screen porch. Meg wanted a high quality campy look that reflected the region. She was thrilled with the couture construction of quality her Weather Queen® Exterior Screen Porch Shades

  • The bright Ginko fabric brings a Scandinavian feel to this northwoods cabin.

Location: Shell Lake, Wisconsin
Sunbrella® Awning and Marine fabric: Ginko
Windstop™ Track finish: Bronze

Our homeowner’s lakefront cabin reflects their personality. With a yard filled with herbs, wildflowers, berries and nesting locations for wild life, the sunny Ginko fabric reflects their love of life. Linda says every time she looks at her shades, she smiles.
There is no better testimonial than that.

  • A house in the middle of the woods  
    A step back in time to a simpler life.

Location: Northwestern Wisconsin
Sunbrella® Awning and Marine fabric: Cocoa
Windstop™ Track finish: Dark Bronze

A Northwood’s Cabin designed with an artist eye for detail. Our homeowner wanted a cabin reminiscent of the 1930”s screen porch. A place for family and friends to relax, play board games and enjoy the fresh air. For children to chase fireflies and swim in the warm lake water in their backyard. Her dream was of a home that spoke of deep family ties and fun summer nights. A welcoming haven from life’s frantic pace. We are so proud that Weather Queen Shades helped them to realize their dream of a clean protected porch.

  • Scaffolding in place, ready for the shades.

Location: Northwestern shore of Lake Superior, near Bayfield, Wisconsin
Sunbrella® Awning and Marine Fabric: Silica Silver
Windstop™ Track Finish: Clay

Porch Builder: Carrier Construction, Bayfield, WI

Working with our homeowners builder, Greg Carrier, to protect their much loved screen porch from the winds and weather coming off Lake Superior. It was such a pleasure to be part of his beautifully crafted home. I am always amazed at the craftsmanship and quality of our builders. Just regular looking guys that take great pride in doing beautiful work.
You can see more of Greg’s work on his web site.

Oceanfront Homes

  • Classic beauty with a heart of stainless steel protects our homeowners ocean front screen porch.

Location: Annapolis, MD
Sunbrella® Awning and Marine fabric: Natural
Windstop™ Track finish: Snow White

Our Virginia Dealer, Christine Shepard worked with our homeowners builder to give them the beauty and protection of Weather Queen Shades

  • A Beautiful White House View

Location: Stone Harbor, New Jersey
Sunbrella® Awning and Marine fabric: Silica Silver
Track Finish: Snow White

City Homes

  • White shades for the windows

Location: Culpeper, VA
Sunbrella® Awning and Marine fabric: Natural
Track Finish: Snow White

Testimonial: “Shades did great in the storm (30 inches with blizzard force winds) and I had piece of mind throughout because I knew they would. Porch and all the contents completely protected. Love everything about them – how they protect, how they operate, how they look, and how they endure.  Looking back, especially having had the shades through some rough weather, doing it again would be a no-brainer.  I enjoy ‘showing them off’ when we have visitors, and telling the story of how found your company on the internet, etc. Wishing you continued success with your great product.”

  • Weather Queen Exterior Screen Porch Shades

  • Weather Queen Grey Exterior Screen Porch Shades

Country Homes

  • A Beautiful House Surrounded By Trees


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