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We love our Weather Queen Shades! We installed them at our cabin in our three season porch. They look great and essentially disappear when up. The tracking system prevents most of the rain, dust, pollen and snow from getting inside. If the wind is blowing, they stay tight in their tracks. I searched and found no other product that offered what Weather Queen did. Ours have been installed for over 10 years and still look like new. Carla and her team are exceptionally customer focused and are a delight to work with. I highly recommend them. Eric RottierRead More

We can’t rave enough about our Weather Queen Shades!!! From the first inquiry phone call, all the way to the installation and follow-up, every point of contact has been incredibly professional, pleasant, and with a meticulous attention to detail. Their team was very patient with all of our questions and they were delightful to work with. And the product----well, we just couldn’t be any more impressed! They are beautifully made, and STURDY. We are on a lake in northern Minnesota, and when our shades are down, all the seasonal weather (including pollen and dust!) stays out of our screen porch. When the shades are pulled up, they are barely noticeable---they blend inperfectly. Because of our Weather Queen Shades, our porch feels like an extension of the interior of our home!Read More

Everything about Weather Queen Shades was beyond great. We love the shades—so attractive and well-made and all done in a timely fashion. They have added much to our home—extra good-looking from the inside and outside and now with ease of raising and lowering shades we have increased the use of our screen porch. Not only protection from rain, but wind and sun. I can now be on porch anytime the mood beckons, which is a lot. I cannot recommend them enough.Read More

"WORTH THE EXPENSE!" These shades are like nothing else I have found on the market. They provide excellent protection from the elements of wind, snow rain and dust. Because of the protection they provide, we have furnished our screen porch as if it were an indoor room. The shades are super easy to use...we simply pull them up when using our porch and drop at night just incase the weather tuns bad. An added benefit is less cleaning after the winter and pollen seasons. Not only are screens top quality, the company is wonderful to work with...very responsive and attentive.Read More

Since our home in Stone Harbor, NJ fronts a sand dune leading to the Atlantic Ocean, we needed something to protect our screened-in porch from wind, salt and water. After exploring many alternatives, we settled on Weather Queen shades. They are so durable and yet attractive for our beach house. It’s not just the shades either, but the owner, Carla, and her crew to which we give high praise. They have been absolutely outstanding to work with and fully back up their product, providing us with continued support.Read More