What to Consider When Designing Your Screen Porch

We are excited to bring you a series of blogs that will help with the design plans for your dream screen porch.

How you plan to use your porch: Our first blog will discuss a few of the reasons for adding a screen porch to your home or cabin plans, beginning with how you plan to use the porch space.

Making a budget: 

How you plan to use your screen porch:
A well planned screen porch starts with the same set of questions every other room in a home begs to have answered. Every room in your home has a main purpose and planning the layout and décor needs to enhance and support its main purpose.

See the images and text below for some basic reasons for constructing a screen porch:

Relaxing on the screen porch reading a book.

 Relax quietly, read a book, or take a nap while enjoying the fresh air.

Use as a summer dining room for food prepared in the kitchen or off the patio grill.

Use as a summer dining room for food prepared in the kitchen or off the patio grill.

Entertain on the screen porch.

Entertain family and friends on a summer evening.

A screen porch is a cozy getaway in the heart of the city.

A cozy getaway in the heart of the city, relax after a long day at work or drink your morning coffee before heading out into the real world.

Screen porch sleeping area.

A summer sleeping area for yourself, guests or visiting children—they will experience the joy of sleeping in the porch with the shades lowered and rain falling.

Fireplace on screen porch.

To gather around a fireplace on a cold winter day, warming up with hot cocoa and mores, before going back out to ice skating or for cross country skiing.        

At Weather Queen we love to hear the stories of how our homeowners are enjoying their protected screen porch. In 2012, I contacted a homeowner who had purchased our shades in 2007 to see how the shades where doing and she sent me this email.

“We have enjoyed our porch shades so much. It has been 5 years since we’ve had them installed at our lake home, and they still look great! It’s really kept our porch furniture looking good after all these years. One of our family’s favorite things about the shades is the ability to close one wall of them during a summer storm (usually the lake side), while keeping the other wall open to watch the storm. The shades fit so snugly we can stay in our porch warm and dry during the storm and enjoy the show! This has become one of our family’s favorite summer traditions!”

Weather Queen Shades installed on lake home screen porch.

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